Used Enstrom Helicopters

The Enstrom F-28, 280 and 480 are a family of small, light piston-engined helicopters produced by the Enstrom Helicopter Corporation.

The three models differ slightly: The 280 is more aerodynamic than the F-28 and the 480 is turbine-engined, each with their own variants. The F-28 and 280 both use Lycoming piston engines, the 480 is powered by the Rolls-Royce Model 250 turboshaft engine.
Enstrom 480B
Enstrom 480BZAR 11.317.589
Year: 2006; TTAF: 1567h; Type: Helicopter; Location: France, CANNES, LFMD; Always hangared, Commercially registered, EU-OPS 1 registered; Serial No.: 5094; Reg. No.: N480AD; Last annual: 3/2019  € 588.000
EU tax paid
Enstrom F-28 F
Enstrom F-28 FZAR 3.464.568
Year: 1992; TTAF: 3470h; Type: Helicopter; Location: Germany; Reg. No.: G reg; Last annual: 4/2019  € 180.000
EU tax paid