Gulfstream GV / G500 / G550 jets for sale

The Gulfstream G500 and G550 produced by the US-manufacturer Gulfstream Aerospace are business jet aircrafts and derivates of the Gulfstream V.

The G550 has increased performance (range up to 6750 nautical miles – this is the longest flight range in its class). It is equipped with an Enhanced Vision System which allows to land in lower visibility conditions.

The G500 is a variant of the G550 with a shorter range and without the EVS as standard equipment.

The aircrafts could carry up to 19 passengers.
Gulfstream G550on request
Year: 2007; TTAF: 4565h; Type: Jet; Serial No.: 5137
Gulfstream G550on request
Year: 2009; Type: Jet; Serial No.: 5250
Gulfstream G550on request
Year: 2012; Type: Jet; Location: Un. Arab. Emir.